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SUNDAY SERVICES and Coronavirus (COVID-19)



Coronavirus Update – January 7, 2021

Gateway Family and Friends,

On January 10th we will begin meeting once again in-person on Sunday mornings as well as reopening Gateway Kids for children from birth through fifth grade. Gateway Youth and midweek Prayer will also continue on Wednesday evenings starting on January 13th. Our Facebook LIVE presence will continue to broadcast every single week.

As we go back to in-person services, for both the 9 AM & 11 AM services, masks are required for entering, exiting and while moving around inside the building. Social distancing of at least 6′ from those who are not part of your household is also encouraged. Once you are at your seat and the service begins, you may remove your mask/face covering, if you choose. During services, all staff and volunteers will be wearing masks and following social distancing practices. Each week we are also committed to bring you a clean and sanitized facility.

Wearing a mask, while inconvenient, is a simple preventative measure to help stop the spread of the virus, just in case you are sick and don’t yet know it. Wearing a mask reduces the risk, not so much of catching COVID-19 from someone else, but of transmitting COVID-19 to another person.

While we are so excited about relaunching the ministry, we are actively working on making sure we do it well. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Room Capacity
If every family attends our second service at 11:00 am, we will only have room for 60% of children in Gateway Kids. One way to ensure there is space for your child is to consider coming to our first service at 9:00 am. We are not currently pre-registering families or children for Gateway Kids, but that could change if we run consistently into capacity issues.  Once they reach capacity, classrooms will not be able to accept any more kids.

2. Check-in
Our check-in will look different than what has been done in the past. There will be a host at check-in who will be assigned and ready to greet you, gauge room capacity, and make sure all children entering Gateway kids are healthy. While this process may move a bit slower than what we are used to, we understand that being safe is more important than being fast. Arriving early to church will help make sure you and your family can get into service on time.
*New families will need to register their children at the Connection Center before moving on to the check-in host.

3. Experience
We have made a lot of changes to what services will look like in Gateway Kids. While some of these changes are temporary to promote good social distancing, some changes will be permanent regarding activities, crafts, games, and lessons. We understand some things might feel different at first, but we hope you see them as positive changes that will help your children grow closer to the Lord!

4. Parent Partnership
Partnering with parents to raise children who will one day be Godly adults is a HUGE priority. We are not just looking to raise “good kids.” Our goal when it comes to Gateway Kids and Gateway Youth is to partner with you as we prepare your kids to love Jesus and live missionally even after they leave home and move on from our church. Because we are passionate about this, we are making some big changes with leadership structure and curriculum. Our sincere hope is that this new season would be a catalyst that will stir parents into deeper involvement in their kids’ spiritual lives. They need you! More than ever they need you — and you have what it takes.

One of the best resources to help create meaningful conversation, as well as bridge the gap between church and home, is the app Parent Cue. Make sure you download this amazing app because it coordinates with the curriculum we are using in Gateway Kids. It has specific connections for each child from ages 0-18 years old and so many other resources to help you be a better parent and spiritual leader in the home.

If we are being honest, this season has been hard, full of highs AND lows. We are so excited to be moving forward with relaunching Gateway Kids, but this season will absolutely require some extra grace.

Thank you for your faithfulness, prayers, and support.

The Gateway Church Leadership

The Gateway Church
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