The Gateway Church Updates
SUNDAY SERVICES and Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Gateway Family and Friends,

Back on June 28, 2020, we entered “Phase 5” of our “re-opening plan” and began meeting once again in-person on Sunday mornings. We are still not offering children’s ministry at this time. We are continuing to practice good social distancing measures and encouraging masks as per Michigan’s Executive Orders. Our Facebook LIVE presence has been kept strong, broadcasting every single week.

AS OF SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2020, for both the 9AM & 11AM services, masks are required for entering/exiting and moving around inside the building along with social distancing of at least 6′ from those who are not part of your household. Once you are at your seat and the service begins, you may remove your mask/face covering, if you choose. Whenever moving around inside the building you will need to wear a mask.

During services, all staff and volunteers will be wearing masks and following social distancing practices. Each week we are also committed to bring you a clean and sanitized facility.

Phase 6 – Date is still TBD
* Begin kids ministry and other in-person perks (such as coffee and refreshments).
* “Normal” services back in place as much as possible.

Wearing a mask, while inconvenient, is a simple preventative measure to help stop the spread of the virus, just in case you are sick and don’t yet know it. Wearing a mask reduces the risk, not so much of catching COVID-19 from someone else, but of transmitting COVID-19 to another person.

Thank you for your faithfulness, prayers, and support.

The Gateway Church Leadership

The Gateway Church
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