Hey Leaders!

I just want to say a HUGE thank you for serving the kids and families of The Gateway Church! I know that some of you might be new, while some have served for years. Regardless of your previous commitment to Gateway Kids, the investment you’ve made and continue to make is changing the world (even if we don’t see it)!

Big News! We are relaunching Kid’s Ministry on December 6th! I cannot wait to be serving with you again! There is something life-giving about investing into someone else, and we get to be a part of that! I’m sure you have lots of questions, so hopefully, this letter will answer them. If not, please do not hesitate to ask!

This is the biggest and most exciting change! I’m so glad we, as a church, are working towards having one cohesive plan for kids ages 0-18! “Orange Curriculum” is the best out there. The amount of research, effort, and passion that goes into each week’s lesson is overwhelming! Orange really does have the best system to help churches and families partner together in raising kids to be Godly adults. Having faithful leaders are an important part of this process.

2. Sanitation
We are stepping up our game! We are changing the schedule to cut down on things like toy-sharing, but even with those changes, things will need to get cleaned after each service. I’ll have more details available at our meeting on November 29th (please RSVP).

3. Room Capacity
No room should have more than 8 kids at one time (18 for elementary). If for some reason a parent tries to drop off a child after it has reached capacity, say, “Hey, we are so glad you guys are here today! Our room is full, but we have activities they can bring into service.” If there’s a problem, you can radio me or send them to me.

4. Radios
Each room will now have a radio. This will eliminate the need for a leader to leave their classroom.

5. Masks
Since social distancing will be impossible at times, we will all need to be masked while serving. I know it’s probably not fun, but being missional is always more important than being comfortable. All masks need to be worn correctly, meaning nobody should see your mouth or nose during service.

6. Service
Many of you have said “yes” to serving consistently. This is a major win for our kids and for you. Serving helps promote growth. Moving forward, the expectation is that if you serve you attend the other service available. Some of you have done this for years! Thank you! Being consistent in Gateway Kids shouldn’t mean being inconsistent in church. I understand that for some of you this is incredibly impractical. If you feel like you are in that boat, please don’t hesitate to talk to me about it!

7. Meeting
We will have a meeting immediately following second service on November 29th to discuss curriculum and best practices for keeping the space clean. Lunch will be served, please RSVP at https://thegateway.church/kidsleaders. (See form on this page.)

Would you please commit to covering Gateway Kids in prayer this month? Kids ministry at The Gateway Church has always steadily grown, and I am believing that COVID has only made us better. It gave us the time to really focus and evaluate what is best for our kids moving forward.

What I need from you:
1. A commitment. Where are you at?
2. The room and service you want to serve in.
3. Attendance at the meeting on November 29th.
4. Any questions you might have!


Pastor Rachel and The Gateway Staff

Leader Meeting RSVP Form

Please complete the form to RSVP the Gateway Kids Leader Meeting on November 29, 2020, after second service.

If kids will be with you, please list their age along with their name in the field.

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