Before completing this Membership Application, please make sure you have looked over our Seven Membership Commitments, our Beliefs, and our Position on Tithing! We go over parts of this document at our Membership Class, and you will be asked to affirm these beliefs and commitments.
We also suggest that you review our Constitution/Bylaws before making a committment to becoming a member of The Gateway Church.

If you have not taken the Membership Class please sign up by clicking here, and you can apply for Membership before or after taking the class! Thank you for considering Membership at The Gateway Church!

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Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
Have you been baptized in water?
Have you been faithfully attending The Gateway Church for at least 3 months?
Have you taken Get Connected?
Have you taken our Membership Class?
Do you believe and affirm The Gateway Church's 16 Fundamental Truths and agree to follow our 7 Membership Commitments (discussed during the Membership Class)?
Do you agree to live a life of Christian character including the commitment not to abuse addictive or illegal drugs/substances?
Do you agree to contribute regularly to the church through the giving of tithes and offerings?